Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Assalamualaikum 2014..

New breath..new day..it is a good year to start penning..but I will rather make a book than spend in a blog. Well..I missed last year's update..broke my promise..but never mind, life moves on no matter how sticky, itchy, tickly it goes. There will always ups and downs, happy faces and broken hearts..these experiences have become great treasures to me and hopefully my life will pass a normal track (with bit of here and there..it's ok) insyaAllah. Just want to be a better person each day and dedicate this life to my lovely family and of course Allah SWT.

Family and friends, please forgive me and accept me as I am (don't think I changed much..just my appearance..LOLz). Let's stay together and come what may..


Me who dares to dream..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

ahlan wa sahlan 2013...

Assalamualaikum wbt...

It's been a while I'm not writing in this personal blog of mine...it's been a year actually i'm leaving this piece of momento travelling virtually in my mind and keep it sacredly within myself. However, this very fine morning I came across my silent blog in the google search and press the enter button to see the contents..I just can't believe actually I wrote those words...I felt like a poetry refreshing my sweetest memories and i feel like crying! my life is beautiful..so undescribable...my beautiful 3 children are the most precious in my life an d my loving supportive hubby is the pillar of my life. So I decided to make a come back..pressing the alphaneumeric keys again to tell the story of my life just for the sake of bringing the memories back to me if I was hit by amnesia (nauzubillah). Alhamdulillah..thank you for the blessed journey..I wish I could capture the lost 2012 moments (which I call year of pen-off). So many ups and downs which I recalled most were freak accident and Daryn hospitalization in November 2012. Happiest moments we managed to break ourselves to Universal Studio Singapore in February, Legoland in December and welcoming 2 whitey new members in the house, Meemee the deaf cat and our best car of the year Honda Odyssey Absolute...the closure of 2012 were pretty shaky but I was so thankful to Allah SWT for every raindrops falling there'll be rainbow to cheer the sky..So I guess life's like that and accept it with the hope that tomorrow's gonna be better..and myself gonna be an improved and better muslimah...insya Allah..Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alamin..


Monday, October 24, 2011

snapshots of my sweetie pies

sweet momento on my birthday

another day passed..and my years gone by...however, life is too short to live so let's live to the fullest...we had a jolly good afternoon on 23 October 2011...Thanks to mak and abah for the lovely blueberry cake...nothing compares to both of you...

My beloved papa gave me as usual the best birthday gifts...how could I do the same..you always gave me so much...Thank you my love.

My 3 sweetie pies..they gave me the card (which I paid..hahaha) ..how I love you guys so much!

My buddies (Amin and Aida) who brought me to happy hours session..yes I do like it a lot...

My FB friends for all the wishes that I need most..

Thanks a lot everybody who cherished me on my birthday...you will be well remembered...



more graduation pictures...

my graduation...

Alhamdulillah...at last I was conferred Master of Business Administration (majoring in International Business) at the UPM's 35th Convocation, Sunday 16th of October 2011. Missed the last batch which included all my class friends but so lucky to have ana and some friends with me along the convo.

Papa, Nia and Adeq accompanied me which makes me a happy mother. All the pain and time that were tied to my endeavour have been well paid with the happiness in their faces and not forgetting the blossom of flowers and cuddles in my arms...thank you so much papa and my gals..although Daryn was not around..her presence is felt the most as I carried her during my final semester and my dilemma in writing my project paper. I thanked Allah SWT and my family for their strong and continuous support that this achievement goes to you for every love that you showers me...tq again..i love you all...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

1 Syawal 1432H...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Tulus Ikhlas Daripada:
Khairul Azmir Ahmad
Mahfuzah Baharin
Nur Dania Qistina Khairul Azmir
Nur Dhiya Marissa Khairul Azmir
Nur Daryn Amanda Khairul Azmir
30 Ogos 2011
Kediaman Merab Pesona Kajang

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iftar @ Suasana Sahara PICC, Putrajaya 7 August 2011/7 Ramadhan 1432H

It's foodie fiesta...however, syukur alhamdulillah for the rezeki...enjoy the food, enjoy the panorama..blissful iftar

Daryn sweetie in baju kurung...

She is 14 months and clad in baju kurung for this coming raya...come to mama my sweet 'lil gal!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Up, Close & Personal with Anuar Zain on top of the world..

288 metres above sea level...yup that was the height of our dinner date with Anuar Zain. Although was seated at the least priority seat, we enjoyed the night so much but not overjoyed as it was the night of nisfu sya'aban. there were 10 of us seated among the 240 guests watching afdlin shauki as usual his funny and cute jokes...we laughed a lot! i guess without him it could be only Anuar Zain to save the day...

well..for Anuar Zain, what can we say bout the owner of a voice "nowhere in this world". He enjoyed singing that everything came from within. But upset to say..he was not visiting our table don't know why??maybe we were not paying for his up,close & personal..just take that positive reason. He sang the fav numbers such as Ketulusan Hati, Kau Bunga Cintaku and the closure Sedetik Lebih..other songs including Epilog Cinta Dari Bromley (Suhaimi Mior Hassan) and Cry Me A River and Tiada Maaf BagiMu (Kak Pah).

It was a great nite, but sadly there was none of his personal picture captured live..only candid snapshots...

Table A-13 Guests of Honour...

Friday, July 01, 2011

My Baby turns 1...

Happy Birthday to Daryn Amanda...17 June 2011. Me & hubby celebrated Daryn's birthday with a small party engaging relatives and friends..I cooked lontong and soto plus the 3.5kg cake bought from a Malay Bakery in Bangi..which was awesome! and worth buying..the red velvet too very smooth and yummy..the kids got goodies bag and enjoyed the party as much as the mummys and daddys circling the buffet table and eating for hundreth times..thank you for all the cute gifts and Daryn loves it so much..actually the sisters love it too..although I was not well during the preparation of the party, it was a success..thanks to mom and everyone who helped me..can't do it without you.

Me @ Sutera Harbour KK Resort 5 - 7 June 2011

Believe it or not..I have to be one of the presenters for National Biogas Seminar participated by 200 entrepreneurs and companies! and..this was my first time ever!...however, with all the guts I had I did it. It compromised with the Hotel I stayed with Muhai (my sole bodyguard paid by hubby). Sutera Harbour as ethereal as the name..I can never forget how charming the scenary of the sea and Mount Kinabalu...I always longing to come back for holiday of course..Although this was my third visit to KK it is always on work which I had limited time to discover Sabah. KK..I'll be back for the sea and mountain!

Things We Did During School Break...

School break is every kids' dream..however, due to hubby's tight schedule and my trip to KK Sabah, our time for school break limited...we managed to go to Dinner @ Revolving Restaurant Menara KL and Sunway Lagoon...and the kids were happy.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Best Rockestra Concert in the World...

Wings, the 3rd rock group in the world to perform along with Orchestra after Metallica an Scorpion had marked the way...I've booked the ticket since February although the performance was due on 1st May 2011 @ Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya 8.30pm. Wings, Opera Hidup, marked a history concert in Malaysia. I went there with hubby and sister and we were rocking for 2 and half hours...non-stop!all were killer songs from as early as the first edition till the last...the concert also reunited x-lead guitarist, sham from the first album, Belenggu Irama, Jojet the drummer and 2 ex-singers, Mus from May and Mel. Favourite songs..Biarkan Berlalu, Lagu Jaket Biru, Inspirasi Taming Sari, Jerangkung Dalam Almari and the slow numbers, Sejati, Di Ambang Wati and all time fav..Taman Rashidah Utama.

Joe, lead guitarist for his slow number single...it cut me deep inside and able to bring back the old memories where i wished i can play guitar and mom said nono..the concerts showed how talented each of the Wings members..and I was impressed with their effort to bring the best of the best..indeed a big congratulations to Joe as the Director for the Concert and Mustafa Fuzer Nawi the Conductor for Orkestra Simfoni Kebangsaan..which was totally awesome!!! Awie as usual funny and he's still the best...we really2 enjoyed it and wish there'll be more historical events like this coming to us...

Posing pre-concert with Harley Davidson motorbikes...wish I had one!

The Royal Wedding of the Year...Will & Kate

The sweet & charming pair, Prince William and Katherine Elizabeth Middleton, ties knot on 29 April 2011 and marked the history of royal wedding for the Kingdom of Britain in a glamour and simplicity celebration...I just love her elegant wedding gown..less is more. Hopefully she will not follow the fate of her late mother-in-law...