Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Assalamualaikum 2014..

New breath..new day..it is a good year to start penning..but I will rather make a book than spend in a blog. Well..I missed last year's update..broke my promise..but never mind, life moves on no matter how sticky, itchy, tickly it goes. There will always ups and downs, happy faces and broken hearts..these experiences have become great treasures to me and hopefully my life will pass a normal track (with bit of here and there..it's ok) insyaAllah. Just want to be a better person each day and dedicate this life to my lovely family and of course Allah SWT.

Family and friends, please forgive me and accept me as I am (don't think I changed much..just my appearance..LOLz). Let's stay together and come what may..


Me who dares to dream..

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