Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our trip to fantasy....

it was a very splendid holiday of the year when both of us decided to take the kids to Hong Kong for school break..this idea was thrown out several years ago and only been materialised last year. the four of us (me, hubby, dania & dhiya) were on the jet ride starting 10 December until 13 December to enjoy the enchanted parks of Disneyland..

the first day we did nothing coz we reached HK at 6pm and its already we just proceeded to Disneys Hollywood Hotel and get our hotel room immediately...we felt so alive when we were there...the ambience and the characters were all around us and we can't wait to go to the Disneyland the next morning. we were lucky because the fireworks @ the park started at 9pm..we watched with oohh and ahh for about 15 minuites..thanks to my Sony Handycam that captured all the mesmerizing fireworks that night.

the next morning the kidz were so excited to get there. of course i had to feed our stomach with full tank loaded with rice..(thanks sis for asking me to bring the mini rice was so convenient..and not forgetting all the brahims and yeos instant food). we board on the hotel shuttle and for 10 mins ride we reached Disneyland....see described thousand of words.

we managed to cover all three parks namely the fantasyland, the adventureland and the tomorrowland...and the best rides we loved were winnie the pooh (fantasyland), it's a small world (fantasyland), jungle river cruise (adventureland), tarzan's treehouse (adventureland) and the unforgettable space mountain (never again!). nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves plus some here and there..

however..due to time constraints plus my wrong calculations on time spend in each park, we missed a lot of things such as the lion king show, the buzz light year ride and the most we didn't get a picture with Mickey and Minnie because we missed the parade. but it was relieved by pictures with our dream princess..cinderella. the best shows we've been were philharmagic (awesome 3D) and the Golden Mickeys. the closure of our visit was the toy parade plus snow falls in USA main street...I wish that we could be here again another time and to spend 2 days solid for Disneyland!

the third day we made our way to HK Island by was really covenience..the train was clean and the people were just so private..i mean they don't care bout us..we went to the Peak which was located @ the Central was a ride to remember with train travel like 70-90 degrees ride (like in bukit bendera of Penang). at the Peak we took breathtaking pictures and the wind was so strong and chill at the same time...the interesting part of it dog owners walked their ultra-breed dogs..i mean like the chihuahua type and the poodles so cute that some are as big as human and as small as a baby doll in the pram.

we were then entered the hall of fame of Madamme Tussauds and manage to get celebrity shots such as angelina jolie and brad pitt, jackie chan, michael jackson, madonna, ladygaga and more..
after that we walked back to Central station and board the MTR to Tung Chung factory outlets. there were not so much of interesting goods to buy except Coach and Burberry where i bought a nice coach handbag for mum and a burberry belt for myself. the kids were really tired and slept in the Coach outlet while I shopped. I also bought several clothes in Esprit. Actually I was so annoyed to see ladies in their boots and how irritating to find out that the outlet has so limited boots to offer and its winter season!i was so dissapointed, should've look around MV or Pavilion before I went to HK..(at last i found at Zara after I came back). We shopped a little..because we bought the kids's not that fun to shop with kids around, they were so irritated with me..
We went back to hotel around 8pm and did our last shopping for souvenirs @ the Disneyland shop...I think we've spent a lot on souvenirs rather than for ourselves..but that's okay.

the last day, we left hotel@ 7 am coz our flights boarding at 9.30am, so we proceeded to the airport and before boarding I manged to buy myself le Pliage LongChamp bag (at least)..we decided to come again coz we missed a lot of places such as ShimShaTsui and Mongkok. Perhaps we should spend more than 4 days to fully experienced Hong Kong places of interest. we reached kl @ 2.30pm with an unforgettable memories..

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