Monday, February 04, 2008


last thursday was a big splash...both hubby and me took leave solely dedicated ourselves to our girls...u know when 'what a girl wants'..we went to sunway lagoon and enjoyed ourselves to big wave children just loved it..although it can't be a monthly event..the price (rm45 adult/30 child) worth it. actually that was my first encounter of the wet park..only been to the wild wild west section (dry park) twice. not bad..still some foreigners with voluptious body (terlebih spare tyre) able to show their nice bikinis.

anyway..rating is 8/10...those who need a change in a while and difficulties of finding a beach at a right time, can opt for Sunway Lagoon..and after ma..talking about shopping, i had lose my purchasing power actually since last hari raya..too obsessed i credit cards are playing hard on me..i just have to put myself to be a good, work n sleep (no shopping !). to hubby thanks for being so understanding and giving full cooperation, we love u so much!!this picture was taken as token of our memorable visit to Sunway Lagoon.

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