Friday, February 15, 2008

no 69 soiree...

happy birthday to dad reaches 69 this year and we celebrated his birthday in Bayu Beach Resort Port Dickson on the 9th February 2008, day after his birthday. the soiree was fun, indeed all my siblings were there and all the 'loud speakers' nieces and nephews including my girls were the fun makers and my mother looked happy with all the havoc.

after such a long time not bathing in the sea, i was the one whom so terribly excited to splash myself in the evening hot sun..but it's worth it..we enjoyed ourselves so much and at night after blowing candles we cooked some food and older sis is the head chef for BBQ session (boleh la for the first time). however, i have to leave at night because hubby has to play golf next morning..i felt grateful that this kind of momento giving us the time to share our part of life with someone we love and truly i'm sure my father will remember these moments eventhough it is only for a short while. nowadays, we rarely spent our quality times with our parents because of other commitments. however, by remembering their important moments will make them happy and proud that we always keep a piece of them in our lives. i just can't think this momento one day would be erased from our lives as they fade away with time.

as we getting older (i can sense the age is eating me inside), i just keep thinking would our children and grand children able to spare us some time..i hope my children will know how to appreciate lives and people around them especially those who nurture them. just remember that we still have people around us who still need attention. we can't shut them from our lives.

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