Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hear ye..ladies

Got something to share...i read this in many beauty magazines and tried the products at the Gardens..several times..Benefit Cosmetics from San Francisco..just like the style, the packaging and if you are the so called "queen of faking"..this is the beauty parlour that you girls out there are looking for. recently, i managed to buy 'bad gal' smoldering black eyeliner..from the name i can tell how bad it made me..(i try the smoky eyes n mmg jadi ngan satu glide ajer..). rodney (the cute beautician) put some benetint on me..and suddenly a very healthy rosy cheek (yg menjadi idola gadis2 genit) appeared (mmg amazing..). i also tried the honey and almond scrub she gave me..mmg bersih and after that when you apply your make will definitely stunning..kalah Cameron Diaz...banyak lagi product dia yang best2, but sorry to say..quite expensive..i've to order thru a friend in is much cheaper there...attracted to the justine case and some kind a gorgeous..if u need to see more go to

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