Monday, April 21, 2008

6 weeks of happiness..

laugh is the best medicine..that's right..the best memories are patched in our big yet adorable QA3 group..we learnt, laughed and the best part getting good tips b4 exams..being wif my loyal friends ana & kak aed, we journeyed thru the series of calculation and mind mapping exams (open book but still got to strategised!). plus there was fairuze (clowning throughout the 6 weeks)..

good news came in buzz, i finally confirmed my 48. with a taste of satisfaction, i may leave my office with good salary plus RM900 (he..he..thank u for supporting my ''live life to the fullest" campaign). and now back in office with a feeling of boredom and a lil bit of timid. as time goes by i'll try to get into shape and hit back the gear..can't wait for exciting moments to come, conscious or unconscious..

one thing that alwiz repeated in my mind..wishing on a holiday..i can't just have a start up & need a booster..papa, jom cuti2 mesia..

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