Monday, April 13, 2009

when children went for

wedenesday 1st April 2009....APRIL fact was not a foolish day in our was act actually very2 interesting especially to dania bcoz this was her first visit cum learning trip to Petrosains KLCC...the 3 of us (nia, dod n me) hit the road as early as 7.30 in the morning to upm children's development lab a.k.a kindergarten and waited for about an hour before we board on upm bus...yehuu..actually i was excited too as it's been a while not travelling on bus...the best part..i can see the children's happy faces...and in the bus they were so exciting in describing buildings and any transportation on the road...although i have to share seats wif 3 children including was a very happening day.

arrived at KLCC around 9.30...teacher had assigned moms to take care some of the children who came without parents, i myself have to take care of 4...mcm jaga anak ayam jugaklah coz they were so excited and keep searching for their friends along the way to the 4th floor..i like mak ayam (bukan ibu ayam ye..) kept chirping all the time to make sure they holding hands and made thru the way safely..

at last were in...i felt that some of the kids were not thinking of understanding the exhibition, they were actually having fun, pressing, pushing and pulling here and there...actually i was the one who lebih2 coz the last time i entered petrosains when i was still dating with papa 'popsicle'.

then we boarded on simulation chopper which made me remember of a genting's movie ride. but the best part being in the time tunnel at the beginning and end of the walk which i considered as 'intelligent yet captivating'. then i started to wonder...berapa how big is the area becoz it was a very long walk and consumed almost a 3 storey building..

whatever it was, the girls were out of breath and fell asleep in the bus on the way home. we were only given a small container of mi hoon and an apple plus air kotak for lunch..just imagine..they ate like there will be no tomorrow (including me...teruk betul) i wish i bought nasi lemak coz pity was not enough

now my turn to tell my April Fool was awful afternoon, after we back to the kindergarten, dod was asleep so i had to carry her, then i tried to look for nia as she had board off from the bus earlier..what unfortunate for me right leg hit an uneven path and i fell with was indeed right ankle terseliuh and my left knee torn and bleed. malu campur sakit la..shock and confused..when i reached home i just went into my room and slept it was really a shocker!

now i had to bear the consequences, the right leg getting worst and i cannot pray normally, have to use the chair...walking is a nightmare. However, it was a really good day for both of my children and i promised to go there again...

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Olpicture said...

Ya Allah... what happened to you akak!? take care of yourself, be careful next time...