Saturday, May 02, 2009

28 n kickin'

dania always looks good in pictures

we are alwiz buddy for life

mom is great isn't she?

bff..i think i had a weird face

happy bornday 2 u...!

my little sister turned 28 on 24th april...i can still remember both of us playing together when we were small...sharing secrets bout our fantasy on acis (gersang) and along (exist). your 'torchering sermons' still haunting me till now..coz sometimes you still doing it..although we are 6 years apart, you are some like a big sister to you i was a fierced sister truly hated by both bana and majedah..but nevermind sis...that was yesterday..although i was a 'quite big' sister now, you seems to accept me as i am...coz i do really miss you everytime you're not around..coz we have the same head but different sentiments..i am a tough one..the self-centred while you are tough too but softer and devoted..which makes you being loved by everybody especially your loving hubby...he is a really lucky man...

take a good look at the pictures..we are still who we were 20 years ago...back in terengganu...i really miss those days..(kak don't be small hearted..your stories are x-rated not for public viewing..he..he..)

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