Monday, May 18, 2009


pics courtesy of ahdab... shukran jazilan ya ukhti!

BIG..BIG..we r here!..

it was a very tiring weekend as i had to encounter a battle in the PD forest with the guerilas to get the hijacked james bond bag...what the heck with the age of was indeed fun when group of upm mba students started a war in the middle of nowhere. we were so happy and it was a new experience for the for me battle in Pulada Camp was worst coz it was raining heavily on the hill, slippery (in fact my celoreng cap was missing during fleeing away from the enemy plus bringing the stony back pack and real M-16)..(al maunah also fought that day..the difference was it was a real war!) and plus pacat all over my body...(yucks!!!it was a bloody day).

Actually, my group was ultimately lost in the jungle, tks to the navigator (i know u tried ur best) and faci (whom just let us go astray all the way)..we almost reached the top coz i can see the clear moonlight sky..then went down again..until we been informed that were lost at 9pm. first time when we reached the DOP (drop off point) dah kena baling ngan bom tapai by the mean, it was havoc that 2/3 of the group members were shot!i got the splash of the stinking bomb and considered dead by the committees (tipu..x pasal2 the leader had to bail out 14 lives that evening).

pose lps selamat berenang ke tepian..fuhh baik x kena mkn jaws

the best part was kita org dah ada new tactic from not being shot dead by sitting under the flying mat..yup..only two of us died..then the whole team of upm merged and used the same tactics and the real battle exploded when all the 6 groups attacked the guerilas at 11.30 pm and we were bombing them like hell (fun and best giler..i managed to shoot 1 guerila..jadila and 1 org sendiri..kih3x). yeaa..we got the bag!and at 12 a.m. back to eagle ranch by army truck (it was really a dejavu of DPA course).
berakit rakit ke hulu..

Saturday..another mission awaiting...we were instructed to build a raft to the high sea. using bamboos, rope and tong drum..we managed to build a cute raft to fit 16 of us..i took the right paddling side..(which was the hardest part)..but before that we were thrown 1km from the beach and to swim back together to the shore. then we prepared for the race...yeah BIG..we went to the sea..aku kayuh mcm2 style sampai rasa mcm dah naik keras la belah kanan mcm x de rehat..kayuh n kayuh like hell...we made to the shore first then the worst part, we got 2nd..grrrr..jez bcoz we didn't cheer!we were so devastated...but apa nak buat tak de rezeki..
my group overall was second..we had lots of activity some succeeded and some failed due to low techniques and lacked of effective communication. however, it was a good exercise for strategic mgmt team building jez need a little SQ and anger management and things gonna be smoother.

pasti berjaya di akademi....

the saturday night of our BBQ night was actually akademi fantasia season finale...i was on stage singing kiss me (but changed to hit me) by sixpence non the richer..with my 4 other friends(zaida, liza, m.l. and sky..we were doing great..konon2nye la..). i got sms from sis and hubby saying that Hafiz is the Champion of AF7. I'm prophecies came true..i liked hafiz a lot coz he's a real performer and he's showing genuine effort..but the worst was aril was 2nd...patutnye 3rd..and akim instead of 3rd be the 2nd...yazid and isma no comment..
whatever it was both event was really something to me..

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