Tuesday, June 02, 2009

my family caricature..

we visited aquaria on 24th may 2009, it was just a simple plan to entertain the kids as my list to interesting places exhausted..there are not many places actually to rest and relax (not under the hot sun..pls for God's sake..my skin was tanning badly!). once we were out of the fish tank..i mean the tank tunnel, we were thinking of having a momento just like we always did when we were in most of our family vacations. we saw this interesting stall..the caricature stall which we were hunting for all this time...we met this cartoonist..and he did this splendid caricature perfect for our coming soon customised hari raya card..(limited edition). thanks aloy..(sounds familiar)

this is our "cartoon" face..


Olpicture said...

memang rupa katun itew lagi chantek dari rupa sebenar.... Muahahhaha

mamalove said...

jgn dengki..akak mmg cantek baik katun or realiti!