Saturday, June 06, 2009

my fav shots..

these are some pictures which meant a lot 2 me...especially my two princesses, dania & dhiya..they are growing up to be full blossom girls..i still always like to hug adik's (dhiya) fat stomach as though she's a baby. then, hubby who always supportive to every my 'wannabes' places. the real fact is i'm not the person who stays at home...just being happy hanging out there..i can be easily found at starbucks...(with all the gadgets..). another high profile momento was with my old skool friends..azian mazwan sapuwan and juliana..happy to c u again guys..still looks pretty and hot..(azian wif 7 kids? superb lady!aku dua pun cam nk pengsan..7..nope!!). lastly me in my motherhood days..i still can't believe me...a mother..??i think some who know me can imagine how an outgoer like me being a mother..and still thinking adding a baby to the family..

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