Friday, March 19, 2010

she's moving..

so glad to feel this tummy responds to touch and i know there's someone inside growing bigger and can't wait to be out into this world..sometimes she's hiccupping, stomping and kicking..o yes how do i know it's a she? the doctor scanned her as early as 20 weeks!

my two girls are so excited to feel the move, yup dania was 1 year old when i was having dhiya and dhiya was a 'baby' until i pregnant again in 4 years time..and now they can see why mama's tummy getting bigger every day and dania keeps asking me why my belly button getting smaller and smaller..kah3x

life is so interesting but lately things are getting tougher as I'm approaching my final days to get back to work, no bibik around and about 100 days to go for labour..oh dear!


d7 said...

congrats!! ;)
hehe bestnye dania & dhiya dpt adik!! ;)
kite doakan akak n baby selamat n sihat.. amin..
tc akak..

- dzullia

mamalove said...

tq sis...luv u too