Wednesday, March 10, 2010

crazy bout nicholas sparks...


it's been a while i stopped penning in this blog of mine...haha..biasale baby blues..but i keep on going with my bulging tummy every day and things are getting nearer...another approximately 3 months to go. so what's up wif me? i've been reading novels all the time beside spending my time thinking bout finishing my precious project paper...yah..yah..jez in 3 weeks & my life goes back to the last 2 years..pegi keje la.

lately i've been reading novels beside thinking bout finishing my precious project paper... yah..yah..yah..another 3 weeks to go..n back 2 work as usual. Nichols Sparks' novels are my craze now...the first cut was 'The Notebook' which was so...classic, then 'A Walk to Remember' which entails how love can really preserved you for such a long time..the latest..'Dear John' when choices can drive you crazy..especially when you're so in love... NS knows how to bring readers back for his next novel...the story were so heavy in feelings yet so light and simple to read..i just love his concept.

the movies too were really well translated from the novels..especially the actors..they really can bring the emotions to our soul..Nights in Rodanthe for instance starring Richard Gere and Diane performance for 'Unfaithful'..make a comeback and gave a shot to NC's masterpiece. But why..must love ends with death?? Ask Nicholas Sparks..only true believers of love know the answer..

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