Tuesday, May 25, 2010

checklist (as of 24/6/10)

22nd June is approaching..hence so many things still not in sequence..all are playing in my mind..
therefore i better put something on this blog to make sure..that i don't miss a thing

1. baby's things...so far got all;
2.my things...99% complete
3.confinement lady...confirmed.
5.project paper...approved by prof. - already sent to GSM
6.things on my office desk...delegate, accomplish or xxxx - dah delegate ngan jayanye..
7.nuar's wedding...19 june..hope can make it as hubby n me represents my inlaws - x sempat dah terberanak on 17/6/10...
8.others...so far don't know yet what's coming thru..-so far so good (dlm pantang..)

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