Monday, May 10, 2010

what a wonderful mother's day...

yesterday was remarkable...actually since friday coz i took care of mom-in-law due to her sickness until sunday as cak'a & nani was in kampung for was appreciated my cooking especially the ikan bilis goreng kicap which was 'superb' to her (as being labeled by hubby..hahaha..tu lauk org beranak but one of my favourites during confinement). so i continued the request on sunday as well cooking for the guest..

On Saturday...hubby and the gals took me to SP for baby shopping...actually since last week on our vacation to the hottest lagoon in town..i guess bout thousand dah perabis for this la after 5 years tak ade baby it is like getting the first one we shopped baby things on saturday..n papa took us to Coca Thai..for mother's day luncheon..thanks darling.

On shopping again..this time my things la mama pon nak brg2 for deliver and confinement, it was havoc in mv coz there was a mom and baby expo on 3rd floor..bought nothing was more comfortable in Ju.....we had lunch @ Chili's. in the evening my mak n abah visited mom-in-law, i bought mother's day cake for celebration, my sis arrived a lil bit late so no pics taken wif u..sorry ye. bestnye..we had dinner together, just simple mee goreng imported from one of the kedai makan kt sungai...jadi la. at 9pm all of us departed, yeah it was tiring but i was happy with what have happened these was going well as planned..alhamdulillah.

i was so damned worry that everything was not in place...firstly my unfinished project paper which is supposed to due next delivery date which was yet to be determined..and no bibik showed up (bik..tolong la terima lamaran ibu..huhu). I was advised by O&G to opt for caesarean as I can't proceed with normal delivery due to some complications...Ya Allah takut la pulak...

Pics..coming soon

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