Thursday, November 15, 2007

epidemic of the year

everything went wrong this week when I got my fever on Monday and I took mc for 2 'hell' days. I thought I was the only person being infected and on Tuesday my hubby complained that he got fever...last night dania and this morning, dhiya...nasib baik bibique is ok..O please jgn la ko sakit bibique..why i call it epidemic of the year b'coz everybody is sick in the far this year it's just me who always fell sick..I guess I had spread the hubby wants us to spend a night at his mother's house...I hope nobody in the house will be infected...teringat pulak cerita kalau ada benda pelik2 jatuh ke bumi..pas tu mesti ada orang pakai topeng ngan baju putih2..mcm citer e.t. and blob..

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