Friday, November 30, 2007

am no fashionista but fashion is just so tempting...

craze of life...i wonder what cracks my life so's fashion...i can't help buying fashion magazines everywhere i've's just a matter of fulfilling a hungry and craving soul for famous designers' collection esp..lines of glamorous ladies accessories namely handbags, shoes..bracelet from the infamous names of coach, chanel, dior, ralph lauren, louis Vuitton, etc..ever since I read and watch Devil Wears is not just walking on the runway..but it is a way to gain self confidence and other people's confidence on you..especially when you walk, people will turn and the self satisfaction will rise..

expensive...? eventually price will be the fear factor of middle class women like me...but there's only one thing u can't seem to avoid - posessing it..if only it can be bought at a reasonable price..what will be the feeling of wearing it??..all designers collection worth more than RM100, just imagine, a small prada clutch worth RM20,'s just so unbelievable..who will buy it..of course there are buyer to these 'more than meet the eye' labels..practically, you can wear it if you are brave enough to buy the so called 'replica' or layman terms 'duplicate' of the friend always ask me,'are you really wearing LV...well I said, who cares bout it..what matter is..who's wearing it..if you're really confident with what you are wearing, people won't doubt you..just get the taste of holding a chanel or LV by your side..or walking with Gucci or Jimmy Choo shoes..replica or what...what the heck..?!

So girls and guys..don't be afraid to be the victims of won't regret's just how wise we are in making choices..if you are a personality with no go of ori..if be it..I'm not supporting pirates of intellectual property, but at least..i have the chance to feel how to be part of a top notch..excuse me..please don't label me ms replica..i still protect some areas in buying ori products for example skin care products and make up..and those lingeries..pls la..x kan semua nak tiruan kan..

however..i would like to describe..being part of just so amazing!i keep hunting for bleecker leather patchwork COACH handbag (pic)..just wait n see


amin husin said...

it's not "replica" i think the correct word is "fake"! ... that COACH bag, youre hunting for the real one, or "fake" one?

ps: ...chasing dream of having the epitomy of luxury life by owning a LV!

mamalove said...

ori la brader...that's my next target...well..some luxury goods can turn to necessities..when it comes on the right time...right?