Monday, March 03, 2008

being sentimental..

lately, with this 30's era as what is now played by sinar fm...(sinar is for 30 and above)..sentimental songs keep company while i'm driving. but i barely listen to sinar as the station keeps playing the old unrustic sound of my school days songs..which goes round and round and i just hate being oldies. So i listen to hot fm..and this station really hit my nerves..the songs are sentimental to my heart..and here is the top chart for the songs that touch my soul :

1. sebelum cahaya - letto
2. ketulusan hati - anuar zain
3. bila nak saksi - spider
4. cinta dalam hati - ungu
5. seribu tahun - imran ajma'in
6. sampai syurga - faizal tahir
7. bukti - fiq
8. maafkan aku mencintai kekasihmu - rebecca
9. kenangan terindah - samsons
10. x bisa memilihmu - 6ixth sense
11.when you're gone - avril lavigne

these are my songs..minah jiwang huh..? to hubby..congrats on your ptk 3 results..4 by 4..apalagi blanje la..told yer mr genius!this week is the last week to work coz i'm going for my Quantitative Analysis class (sabo je la..blajar all the maths and stats), scientific culculator..hmm got to ask the lecturer to have an SC for dummies class.Ya Allah, can't believe i'm holding the file, walking in the classroom and all the paperworks...exams..better be dead.

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