Friday, August 08, 2008

i,m a manga addict..

don't know what's got in me...i'm a manga fan right's a weird development of me who is in the 30s era..guess it's an image crisis...lately i've been hanging to channel 715 animax. from dr black jack to the teen goddess then emma, paradise kiss, jigoku shoujo and the hottest my most favourite "Curious Play". It sounds like a crazy thing..but i'm able to stay late at night just to wait for my favourite anime.

recently, i cried to one episode of curious play... unique thing about is almost alive like real human story, touching, funny and tragic at the same time..their love story is endless and need to say the manga creators have high imagination and great EQ! although some have negative effects, there are many others that suitable for general readings and viewing..

to my hubby..please understand, this not an influence of anybody..i'm just an impulse type of person, just like i love shopping and buying all the fashions'll be over...but now..please bear with me


Olpicture said...

Huh! manga addict? since when?

mamalove said...

jgn jeles ye..ingat u sorang je..calet scorpio sket..