Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's such a long time since...

"one scene in Organizational's Behaviour class" feels a lil bit akward trying to write again..been lost in time ever since i was back-to-school again. hahaha...thought of having the best time of my life..and yet..i'm the busiest person on earth!

i'm trying to remember all the experiences in UIA which made me an iron (so-called) girl..though it was weak inside but pretending to be hard on the outside..i managed to develop my self 10 years younger in order to become the member of happy-go-lucky girls in the class which helped me a lot emotionally..and my routine outings to alamanda with my 2 inseparable buddies no.1 gossipers amin and ina (korang jgn marah ye aku label kita camtu..)

so far i'm coping with life, it's just that when bibik is not around (bukan lari tp balik kampung), i'm a lil bit patience are being highly experimented..sometimes i would scream to dania for having a dumb fight with her..(sounds crazy..) which now i' m labeled as 'makcik' if i bebel a lot..makcik?can u believe nowadays are getting a big serious thing to parents..

but that is just part of the ongoing walk of life..i'm a big spender again..which reflects how depressed i'm sometimes (haha..alasan nak shopping..). my 2 favourite spots: cres and thai odyssey pampering my stress muscles and skin..lastly..hoping of doing changes to my long hair..nk mcm miley cirus punya rambut..but i'm still considering it as the cost is almost the same when i did my rebonding 3 years ago. yeah rite, i'm in the mid 30's crisis i guess..

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