Saturday, July 11, 2009

going backward...

Finally, last week i managed to watch '13 going on 30' starring Jennifer Garner (Alias) and Mark Ruffalo (Just Like Heaven). It was definitely a sweet story of friendship and 'can't wait to be thirty'. So what so great bout being 30? i'm in my early 30's and actually i fully awared that my looks improved a lot compared being 13 and 20's. Probably due to stable hormones of the body and another thing..when at 30's you tend to be backward again, i mean be younger than our real age. infact now collagen is my soul food (the first to be taken before breakfast) and i tried so many fashions to suit my life, all brands of cosmetics and act like a teenage girl. The only difference between 13 and now was that i have more purchasing power and that makes me really indulge in own world. however, as far as i can remember being 13 was that it was a transformation phase of me, yup...

1. being transferred from girls school to co-ed school

i was from Convent Klang school wearing pinafore to school and shorts during PE. then suddenly abah was transferred to Kuala Terengganu and me, the protester of all mankind had to lure to the situation and my new school was a co-ed (mix gender), just imagine..walking past classes with boys staring at this 'who was this weirdo new school girl?'.felt like screaming...anyway I was clad to baju kurung from that day until form 5 (bye2 pinafore and my blue shorts)

2.first crush to a boy..

ha..ha..ha..he was my class monitor..i found him quite cute but that was just a crush...and then more series of crush...can't help it all girls do that what..

3.the singer is my classmate and dear friend

azian mazwan sapuwan of Bintang RTM..yeah my sisters kept telling me that i was going to be friends with her if i moved to KT...i said "ye la tu"..and the first day in class, the prophecy was true..she was sitting 2 chairs infront of me..what a coincidence

4.sea was my playground...

i love sea and KT was so near to the South China Sea..i can go there everyday but unfortunately hazardous for bathing...never mind..i got all there..the taste of the salt and keropok lekor..yummy. by the way my school was at the coastal line...which made me look like an overburned toast bread..yup that was my ugly days my best buddy next door..

amar and ata...the best friends during my life in KT..yup me & amar had once taste the water of the dark ravine due to cat and dog chase incident...yucks!

6.met my dream group and idol..

Kumpulan Gersang was so top that time...i remembered seeing them backstage (thanks to abah 'all access' to every concert we went). cannot believe that we really shake their hands, took pictures and the best of all i able to touch (salam la) my dream guy a.k.a idol-Acis the baby face keyboardist of Gersang...yuhuu...and got pictures with him too... my first camera

i still remember it was a Kodak, mak & abah gave it for my 13th birthday and it was purchased during our trip to Kota Bharu Kelantan... my dreamed Acis' Keyboard

after several series of searching we finally found the red keyboard at Pertama Complex and abah purchased it...although it was priced RM100++.

9.wearing my first tight jeans

that was the latest fashion. i got that at the Mall..

10.joined the school brass band

i played the clarinet and i also learnt that some guys in there were famous after their scool days..Sham (the singer of Visa), Kudin (drummer of Visa) and our drum major was the keyboardist of Iklim...and azian mazwan..of course the singer. I was also a classmate to Shawn Bahrin's brother

so much to say bout being 13..but actually when i was that age i never dreamt to be 30..i really enjoyed my life though at first i hate the idea of moving to KT. i am a city girl and love all the city things but it proved me wrong when i was there. even now, when in my 30's i always longing to be there again and kept missing the sea...i want to be young again because as i grew older, i realised that i had missed something during my teen life that makes my life lacking of some important traits that i should nurture from my younger days..(yep..sometimes i found my self weird..although i appear normal as my sister claimed). i am tracking back the missing fix myself.


Olpicture said...

this movie is also one of my fav gak akak!

mamalove said...

akak suka tang diorg menari lagu thriller tuh..nk belajo nari camtu la..

Hi i'm Raiedzall said...

this entry makes my mind rolled like, 22 years back? huhuhu (terasa tua)
Still remember those sleep overs, borak2 sampai pagi.. and that one particular day where I ended up soaking wet and smelly. haha..

and to top it all.. yessss.. that gersang moment. priceless gitu..

-your x-gal next door-