Saturday, July 04, 2009

road to revolution..when the time comes forget the wrong that i've done..

guys..listen to this greatest compilation of linkin park:road to revolution live at milton keynes. although live performance, what i could say is two thumbs up as the sound system was excellent plus Chester's high pitched melancholic voice and added synchronous rap by Mike Shinoda and the help of technical hype of Mr Hahn plus Jay Z featuring in numb/encore and faint. numbers should be listened to: one step closer, numb, crawling, in the end, pushing me away and the infamous transformers theme song "what i've done" including my favourite (which also dania's now) "leave out all the rest" from twilight the movie. oh yes..the dvd was tremendous...wished i was there...worth buying!

these guys are really something..they are good at instruments

Crawling in my skin--These wounds they will not heal--Fear is how I fall--Confusing what is real--There's something inside me--That pulls beneath the surface--Consuming, confusing--This lack of self control I fearIs never ending,-- controllingI can't seem to find myself again--My walls are closing in(Without a sense of confidence)(I'm convinced that there's)(Just too much pressure to take)--I've felt this way before so insecure...

the lyrics so much in common with me...somehow

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