Friday, July 31, 2009

a long pause...

can guess from the title..yup it's gonna be a long pause for me to pen again. i decided to take time off for a while to give way to some unwanted vibes around me. i hate to write bout sad story...nope that's not the way i'm gonna describe my self to anybody. just to say that i'm approaching my 7th anniversary with loving hubby. thank you for your love, kind and patience. i know it's not that easy to live with a haywire person like me..but you just get through everything..yeah like a saying "against all odds". for those who purposely or accidently bump into my blog...please don't be dissapointed with my temporary departure. i'll be back once i bounced again...i hate to do this..writing's been my passion but i don't like to throw everything in blog...i love my privacy very much as much i love to be normal and serene again.

till we meet again... we've only just begun..

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