Thursday, December 03, 2009

passing the days without hello..

hi..just me catching long ye i've been lost in time again. supposedly i'd be writing bout all the marginal changes in life but somehow i just load up a big gap coz my life is lil' bit tumbling up side down...oh pls dun say bibik's not around..what a lame excuse!

laziness, not the real excuse, it was actually me who so occupied with all the responsibilities (yo la tu..) from a wife to a mother to a student to a daughter to a sister to a friend to a whatever role i've to become. but i know i'm not the only one who having these i don't want to blow up the's just i'm getting too old..or probably this 'sickness' makes me pretty blur with life...i guess.

i just realize that time is not my best friend..not just lately but all the time..probably because i didn't manage it well, so it just drifts and leaves me for whatever reason...or maybe i didn't say hello to time or greet it's like i don't appreciate it? never...time is always so precious it's just jealous of me and make me feel guilt everytime it passed away...

i guess i got to do something..but there's always something else in between...maybe time will come and give me the cooling off period which probably a comma (not that stroke coma) or a totally period, hope it's a that i could continue with this journey of life with my precious and watch 'em grow and listen to their grumbles, laughter and tears...Please Allah..let me walk with time hand in I grew older..Amin.

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