Sunday, January 31, 2010

sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga...

catchy title...but as catchy as it one is being caught in the net so far but we, i mean me and hubby being caught in really double triple series of unfortunate events in the opening of 2010..first, his car broke down when we were on our meminang trip to Perak..then the next 3 days my car a.k.a confidante and bff, follow suit..i was like "what?". the best part (ke worst part?) laptop a.k.a soulmate for my master went dead..kaput with black screen and no goodbye..huhu

Was this meant to say.."you better watch out?". It seems that everything put us in the middle of trouble but life goes on..i really heart broken with everything coz it really hurts us a was more than just a trouble..i was not feeling well lately and my appetite drops further which is not good for my pregnancy.. i also have to get an extension for my master due to my unfinished project paper.

Luckily, there was help whenever i need..Thank you Allah...when there's a trouble, it always comes in pair..i mean a good one...Thank you to those people whom without your help and understanding will leave us in despair...apa2 pun yang terjadi ada hikmahnya dan hanya boleh kata "Sabo je la..".

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