Wednesday, December 05, 2007

towards a celebrity shape..

with all the hectic life so far this week..i felt that life can never have its rejuvenation process unless we really the 'love your body' type..unfortunately..i'm not that consistent in taking care of my precious body...i'm fat again after managed to lose weight for 3 months from 76-60 kg. i blame myself for not maintaining my healthy lifestyle..i'm back to the 70 kg regime. what will be the most viable plan to keep you slim and healthy at the same time...eating disorder is my fav activity now..since i enjoy skipping lunch at 1 and then i crave for food at 3. that goes for my dinner too, i'm taking lunch at 11p.m or midnight instead of 8pm. i also take antioxidants at day and night but nothing comes out in the morning..something is wrong with the biological clock..going haywire.
on sunday...i discover a new (not that new to anybody) paradigm towards my sick healthy lifestyle...while waiting for dania's class at subang eyes stuck to the running athlete (in the mall?), not that athlete actually, but the enjoyment of being able to run in a mall without having to feel the hot sun and pollutions but still can sweat gracefully. right...i'm staring at a spacious sophisticated gym named 'celebrity fitness'..hubby and i approached a man named 'ivan' at the gym entrance and we just simply join him to visit each corner of the gym..after 30 minutes of explanation, we signed up (how simple...? am i doing the right thing?). both of us think positive inspite of a quite expensive fees..we need something to boost our energy as well as our relationship..if that's the way to enjoy life be it!my interest of course will be yoga class and the latino dance.
trying to think if that is the lifestyle of modern decade..why not..after all, i need something to motivate my act...if i have paid for it then it should be used wisely...can i get the body of JLo or legs like Cameron Diaz...? that is a second matter..what most important is..can i satisfy my objectives to be there...


amin husin said...

thought of joining fitness first... ok tak? rugi tak maintain... been there done that

mamalove said...

u x rugi sesen pon sebenarnyer kalau ada matlamat...cthnya kempeskan part2 yg terkembung..