Wednesday, December 19, 2007

cheeky chicken feet

chicken feet or kaki ayam(direct translation of berkaki ayam)...that is her signature...however, although i'm not a fan of elyana, after listening to her latest album 'jadi diriku', i'm impressed with this young lad..her voice is captivating and if i didn't know her, i would say she must be in 30's. with music arranged by aidit alfian such as kau atau aku and kalis rindu can jump to be hit songs..while the new arrangement of niat (now niat 2008) have bring her a step higher. she has power in delivering all the songs and definitely it fits her soul..(and mine too...). listening to her would make you feel back at the teen days in university at the time of no doubt, four non-blondes and the cardigans.

it's a worth listening and worth buying album, fresh as her image and cheeky at the same time. so kaki ayam pun..kaki ayam la..janji best!!!


amin husin said...

jangan beli yang cetak rompak! nak pinjam album dia?!

mamalove said...

org beli ori la...hampeh..mtg2 la aku ada beli brg the way..i nak beli bag chloe..buat bag sekolah..(ori ke x..don't ask...!?)

bleh...xchange ngan anuar zain ha...!