Friday, December 28, 2007

wannabes at 50...

try to think what will happen in the next 15-20 yrs, especially when u are at the 'golden age' (kalau hidup lagi la...insya Allah). At that time..the most obvious is the attack of wrinkles all over your face and for sure ladies...we are at stake..either we able to sustain or else..however, i hope time would not ahead of me...i have plannings for myself at the age of 50..but it's going to be a big top secret..only the chosen ones will know..i've fascination in life..where health and style would be my inspiration. I wish I could make people indulge in what I'm going to make..

Moreover, I'm planning for the future..where life can't just rely on our's gonna be tough..i don't know how my kids will soon a matter of time, age 50 is getting nearer..and the next morning come knocking at my door..going to be somebody..(kah3x..title datin, i always dreamt to be datin to dato' bandar..but that's my husband fate..i don't have any idea on his plannings..perhaps..he too have something in mind..tapi i ni mmg kuat berangan..kwang3x).

It's okay..being a normal person is ok..raising my children and maintaining a marriage life would be my priorities..but i always want to do something i like. the first point to my big project is my master..the first step of business knowledge that i will acquire ( i hope i can benefit much from it..). lastly..i hope i can swim in my own swimming pool and indulge myself in my own reading room..what a blissful life

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