Monday, December 31, 2007

welcome 2008, bubye 2007..

sweet n sour life of what's new resolution for 2008, simple..just do whatever i think best for me and family..practically, i would slowly turn myself to a student and delegating all the hassles of work to my subordinates..talking about getting to 'u' again is making me half dead coz..the exams mania and all the assignments plus the case study..bla..bla..bla..luckily i'll do at local u, so susah2 pon kt negara sendiri la kan..

just to recap project accomplished and sites visited in year 2007..
1. went to san francisco for fta
2. went to karambunai nexus for fta (acc. by hubby)
3. went to siem reap, cambodia for fta (acc. by hubby)
4. went to colmar tropicale resort, bukit tinggi (family vac)
5. went to genting highlands theme park (family vac)
6. went to awana kijal, terengganu (3rd hm)
7. went to langkawi (family vac)
8. awarded hadiah latihan perkhidmatan by JPA
9. passed ptk 3
10. joined fitness centre

golden holidays soon 2008..

2.bali (4th hm)

tertakluk kepada kemampuan...

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