Thursday, May 08, 2008

the power of love..

MAK (mom) a three alphabet with huge meaning..yes..our mom..nothing in this world can ever replace them...the genuine, unconditional love and soothing yet healing all the hate and pain in life..i remember mak will never whining in front of us no matter how miserable she fact she is the most 'sabar' and high endurance especially in tolerating our 'multi purpose' demands (when we were kids la..'). i remembered when i was about 4, our car almost flown us into the ravine just because i wanted ice cream so much that mom lost her control on that lucky car.

mak is a housewife and we are so lucky that she is taking care of 5 of us on her own hands and sweat..although she is now almost hit 70..she is still going strong besides having diabetes and a little bit of blood pressure. she is also still taking food orders from abah and prepare the meal herself with the assistance of bibique (terima kasih bik..senang sket mak aku..).

the special thing about my mak is that her doa always makbul..i remembered when i was in my university days..exams were the freak out thing in my to heal all the consequences, my habit was i will call mak (thru the phone of course..) and begged her to pray for my success..and look mak what have i become...(he..he..).

so on this coming mother's day..i would like to say that i love you so much from the first day i was in your womb till the day i closed my are so perfect to me that i wish i could be as good, noble, strong yet gentle mother. until today i still can't figure out on how do you keep your relationship with abah (43 years of marriage..wif all the ups and downs)..please pass me all your secret i think i got your cook talent (betul tak kak..aku memang boleh jadi cam mak kan..). ok mak above all, you are the wind beneath my are the light in the dark and the most important thing you are the hands of healer..i felt better everytime after talking to you..happy mother's day mak..i wish i could take you on the bestest holiday on earth..(but for the time will do...

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