Tuesday, May 20, 2008


saturday 17 may..

best giler..that was how i described my long weekend..on saturday the 4 power ladies (mak, maiza, mui and me) celebrated mother's day @ asiari sacc mall. all the gossipings and citer2 bout anak & all the sermons to mui..(sori ye mui..). at night pops and me mistakenly joined a concert (ha..ha..ha..padan muka kita kan papa..). pas tu..we lepak n makan2 @ lala seafood kg baru..which my fav kerabu kaki ayam n tomyam poktek (yummy) while watching af..after that we made our way DKNY (Danau Kota) and strolled sambil cuci mata until midnite..

sunday 18 may..

at 11 a.m.

papa, nia and me..went to mid valley to get movie tickets for tonite show..what movie?..of course the chronicles of narnia-prince caspian...(unfortunately i haven't finished the book so not much to complain). at 3 p.m. as usual we hit our health zone @ celebrity fitness and not forgetting BIG APPLE DONUTS..again! we had dinner@ kenny rogers and at 9p.m..back to mid valley to watch prince caspian..rating 8/10 (nasib baik the prince (ben barnes) cute).

monday 19 may..

at 12 p.m.

hubby wanted to try new adventure...yeah..we went to kenko@mid valley for fish spa..he..he..he..at first geli (ticklish) when all the small and medium fish gigit2 our legs (watch video..!) but after that it felt like small voltage current massaging your feet..the results..cleaner feet and soft as silk..(highly recommended to those who have hong kee's feet and banyak karat kat kaki..). of course we'll make this spa as our monthly routine..hubby wants to go again next week..after that we pusing2 @ mid valley and at 5p.m. we went back to balakong..what a nice weekend..!


Olpicture said...

kaki siapa yang buroks itu? kesian ikan2 tu....muahhahah

tak cerita detail ke concert yang salah pegi tu performer dia Jaafar Onn? muahahhaha

mamalove said...

kaki tu skrg dah bersih, lembut dan mempersonakan...

tp klu jaafar onn tu nyanyi lagu sixth sense atau letto atau mariah carey..akak stay..blah!