Wednesday, May 28, 2008


yesterday was really driving me crazy...i checked my name on upm portal (which was being advised by gsm staff to check the results for my mba first trimester intake after 2pm)..i tried the online results..carefully keying-in my ic..and the result..."dukacita..bla..bla..bla.." i almost scream for life and i sms ana told her that i was rejected..huhu..

ana called me and i realised that the result was not meant for us (lega...).gsm actually haven't upload the successful candidates in their last night..the moment of truth..ana called me and said.."tahniah..ur name is there.." i was like..."alhamdulillah.." so today is really a happy day for me..(boleh la aku announce secara rasmi akan meninggalkan ofis tercinta..sob..sob..). so it's just matter of days got to settle my problematic files..clear up the room..(which i guess not less than 6 big boxes..). definitely i will finished my annual leave which i have about 22 life as student begins..talking bout campus life..definitely not fully coz i'll be staying at home..but still it will be a nice experience i'm looking forward.


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