Monday, May 26, 2008

venus rules...!

told ya...stacy or her real name stracie angie anam, 18, named as the af6 champion..i was satisfied as the first and second place are those who is highly expected..(in other way..prophecies are true..). however..i was a bit dissapointed to see nadia at the last place..she was so energetic and ready if compared to nubhan and what adlin aman ramli should have the level at least of nadia which is very interesting 2 see..but it's still a long journey for the five niche persona..congratulations to the winners.

but the best part was to see stacy performing 'atas nama cinta'...mesmerizing and captivating..amin...ur right bout the mouth hang opens till the end of the song..she really did her best as what both ogy and ning said.."tak pernah menghampakan kami.."


Olpicture said...

pernah ke ms.Nemcova silap?

mamalove said...

ms. nemcova???confuse2x...wakakaka.