Sunday, November 16, 2008

dania & her 3 cakes

specially made 4 my lil' princess & the queen oh hearts (my mom la..they share the same day..10 september but different year of course!)
ni nenek bangsar yg bagi...

"happy besday 2 me...ampat tahun la..."

looks tempting outside...yummy BR!

dania has reached 4 this year..i just can't believe that my little baby has grown up so to walk, talk..and talk back..but that's the truth part bout human ecology..the survival of the fittest..i mean..i'm the one who's being tested a lot..
the story of her 3 cakes is not a fairy fact every year she has the tendency having more than one cake..which for the past 33 years..never..i repeat..never i got more than one. this is because of a simple theory of increasing returns which means more people who love you..want u to be happy..and when it's your birthday..u can have more than one cake..for the same ocassion.. (probably it works only on dania coz adik dod didn't get that previlages..for whatever reasons..)
the best cake was the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake which actually i promised her earlier..we just had a very simple celebration @ my house, just inviting my sis and her daughter and of course dominos pizza..the second celebration was @ klang with my mom reaching age 70 this year..and the third cake (doraemon) was from bangsar's family..
to dania..mama wished u happy birthday and i hope u will grow up like any other special treatment and be tough!

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