Sunday, November 16, 2008

monster's in da house

this is me...this is what kids are thinking of doing 2 me..

Eversince bibik's back to her kampung i developed into a half mutan-human due to the fact that patience has already reached the red alert..probably of not so familiar with the kids' behaviour and always taking my sweet time when bibik was around..and now..fighting with all emotional aspects..i sometimes turned into something that myself couldn't think of but what my ultra-kids labelled me "monster" i guess.

i wonder what happen to my nice looking sweet face and soft voice that now had been turned into a sour creature face with all the shrieking voices that hated to be heard..when my sense came back then only i realised how bad i'm to them..although that is the way i'm adapting to their ultra behaviour, i'm proud i can take care of them out of my own sweat..


Olpicture said...

Welcome back! Funny story la about you turning into a Monster. can't imagine!

mamalove said...

hehehe...guess i'm not a really good creature 2 the kids still love me although i'm bad..

mamalove said...
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