Sunday, November 23, 2008

sweet child o' mine..nur dhiya marissa

the gifts....

the cake...yum..yum..baskin again!

the people who loved her...

the future style no kiddin'

a horse rider...go equesterian!

My sweet baby turned 3 yesterday..she has grown up so fast that now i can still remember the white faced baby who accompanied me every morning to office (look how adorable she is..but actually she is so the lasak n lil' bit naughty). we call her 'adik' sometimes 'podod' in the house depending on how she behaves..what can i say bout my little baby..adik is so cute that when u watch her laugh u want to laugh and when u watch her angry u want to laugh and when she cried also u want to laugh..coz she has funny faces..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DOD..MAMA, PAPA & KAKAK NIA ALWAYS LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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