Thursday, October 25, 2007

happy birthday darling... sweet hubby is 32...last 2 days he kept calling me 'kak' but since 12 a.m, I declared that we are in the same boat...I managed to buy a present for him..(burberry summer..smells nice). This week and next are tough times for him as PTK3 is occupying his life...but I have no worries on him b'coz he is a smart any aspects of life (kan papa...?). I wish you all the best in your PTK and hope you can pass the exam with flying colours (as usual..). The picture was taken during his golf tournament in NZ, so guess who is next to him (looks familiar huh?!..)
This morning, tingkat 7 cukai held a majlis sambutan hari raya. All sort of ketupat and rendang are there and I just ate a little bit here and headache is annoying and now I feel like ...ok miss go back to lazy and cozy hari raya fever is still around..Please la..malas go away..nanti makan gaji buta pulak...

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