Wednesday, October 31, 2007

from the bottom of my heart

thank you everybody for spending some time at our house last saturday (27/11/2007). i knew that some of you had trouble to find my house (plus the pak guard's trivia questions..). I felt happy and satisfied that most of you were able to fulfill your empty stomach with my nasi lemak ayam berempah (catering by aina of cukai), my special laksa asam (i don't know what is the grading..?) and rendang ayam (import..). some repeated for 3 or 4 times (can't believe it..the same meal man...). anyway..i manged to distribute half of the meal to the guests and the other quarter to my mother in law and the neighbour and another quarter to the tong sampah..(too much or too little?)

Amin, thanks for the denim sling bag..although no 'Guess' I appreciate it and dah pakai pun..
Next year I will do rumah terbuka lagi..Although a small hut, I want to share happiness with you guys..I just love having friends around. My daughter so teruja with the lampu least my house nampak mcm raya mode...Friends please come whenever those yang tak datang..please come next year..


amin husin said...

betul ke nak tanya grading on your "special" laksa asam? errrr....

Sharmila said...


Would have loved to be there and share in the festive mood (and not to mention the food)....tapi sorry la tak terima sms invitation yang Puan hantar........digi ngan celcom tak ngam kot!

Glad u had a nice time and enjoyed!